Thai Biz Help (Business Services)

Self-employed, running a small business or working on a solo project? Behind with your office work? Jugging post? Drowning in paper? No time to make phone calls? Just need some one-off work? Too much to do but not enough work or money to employ staff? Then you come to the right place!

Thai Personal Assistant for Entrepreneurs $3,000
At the end of the working day, do you find you have no time or energy to get on with the rest of your life? No time to research those theater tickets, weekends away or buy a new washing machine? Perhaps you're moving house and don't even know where to begin? We can assist with all those little jobs that keep getting put off helping you be more organized and have more time to do the things you want to do. Please call us to discuss your individual requirements.

Virtual Office and Secretarial Services $2,000 
We are a team of office-based, well experienced professionals, thus bringing experience, insight, creativity, innovation and superior value to every client’s assignment. Each secretary works as an independent contractor from our serviced offices. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who needs assistance from time to time, consider using our services to reduce overhead costs!

Project Manager, Business Development Manager, Engagement Manager (Export & Import) $3,000
Sometimes also called a project facilitator, this person usually works under a manager to support one or more project teams. He or she is typically expected juggle a combination of responsibilities, including managing scheduling and communication among team members, coordinating meeting materials, and assisting members with transportation or relocation if necessary. Getting into the career often requires a background in a field related to the project goals and extensive experience working with groups and as a team leader.

Thai Business Setup Help $8,500

Start your Business in Thailand with us, let us help you become an entrepreneur at the lowest cost, we are reliable, experienced and have great government relations, we can help you setup your business from A to Z, we will guide and assist you, contact us for a FREE consultation, and let's discuss your plans and requirements.

Thailand Small Business Help (Thai Biz Help) is a team of home-based employee. Each Personal Assistant/Secretary works as an independent contractor from their own home. Many however, are able to work outside their home/office and are willing to work on projects in your home or office. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who need assistance from time to time, consider using our services to reduce overhead costs. No assignments are too small.


• Company Registration

• Business Visa (Non-B)

• Work Permit

• Office Setup/Renovation

• Recruitment Consultant

Plus Thai Personal Assistant, Secretarial Services and Business Serviced Office.