Import Sales Representative Office (Importer)

Business: Import Sales Representative Office

Category: Food & Agriculture

Service: Import Sales Representative Office - Thailand

Import Sales Coordinator: Nattharinee Ruecha (Chris)

Service Rate: $60,000/Year (Contract) Plus 5% Commission Each Contract Order

Import Sales representative office

As liaisons between foreign businesses and domestic distributors and retailers, import sales coordinators identify foreign goods for domestic resale. They also oversee shipping logistics and ensure clearance with customs.

Import sales coordinators research both potential products for import and prospective domestic markets for resale, by visiting trade shows, traveling abroad to negotiate with vendors, and meeting with domestic distributors or retailers. They negotiate sales terms with manufacturing representatives and oversee shipping logistics. Import sales coordinators should be knowledgeable of international commerce laws and regulations, and must acquire all necessary licenses or permits. They may employ a customs broker to ensure goods are properly documented before entering Thailand.

What is a representative office in Thailand?

A representative office is a non-trading entity, meaning that it cannot generate any income. It is a type of non-profit organization that is financially supported by the head office in another country.

It operates a service business in Thailand for its head office, an affiliated company or a group company in another country.

Characteristics of a representative office

Characteristics of a representative office in Thailand include:

  • Does not receive any income from providing services
  • Cannot receive purchase orders, negotiate business with third-parties or make sales
  • Is not subject to pay corporate income tax, except for interest on any remaining funds that the head office has to pay
  • All expenses are paid by the head office

Scope of activities of a representative office

A representative office renders non-revenue-raising services to a foreign-domiciled head office through engaging in a limited range of activities, such as:

  • Sourcing of local goods or services in Thailand
  • Inspecting and controlling quality and volume of goods which the head office purchases in Thailand
  • Disseminating information about new products and services of the head office
  • Reporting to the head office on local business development and activities
  • Providing advice in various fields relating to goods distributed by the head office to the distributors or consumers
  • Can only sign contracts that are essential for its operations, e.g. lease of the premises
  • Exporting products which are ordered by its head office or its affiliated companies