Sourcing Office and Farm-Gate Exporter

We are seasoned sales professionals with a solid global network. We have “been there, done that” in terms of quality assurance, organizing, packing, shipping, international paperwork, currency exchange, logistics tracking, payments, receivables and follow up required for each shipment.

Our team is formally educated in accounting, finance, internet marketing, and logistics. This is creating an “all in one place deal” for both the Farmer, and our Wholesale Customers. Our “middle-man” status in deals, takes away much of the emotion and fear Chaiyaphum farmers face when trying to make deals. This ends confusion, mistakes, and unhappy results, for all parties in the process.

Social Media information liquidity and marketing. The fact is, Chaiyaphum farmers are not “computer people” or internet savvy. Modern marketing and communication are ever changing, takes a lot of time and energy to do correctly, and is easy to “confuse effort with results.” We understand internet / mobile phone marketing and stay ahead by constantly adapting to an ever-changing environment.

In summary, we work at the farm and village level, creating strong positive relationships with wonderful hard working Thai Farmers, and introduce them to the agricultural wholesale world in ways they have little expertise or interest in.

We are Thai, with roots in agriculture and a high trust relationship with some of the most productive and high-quality food producers on the planet.

We are the bridge that brings this bounty top market. That is wonderful, and the real advantage is in our efficient and effective management of the process to ensure high quality wile hold down cost.

High quality products, professionally packed, shipped, delivered … with a modern tracking / payable / receivable system that allows easy international transactions.

We own farms and produce our own food brands, we work with other farmers to access top quality products at levels to satisfy wholesale buyers, and we provide a “Business Expansion Service” to Importers & Exporters.

Where We Are ...

The name “Chaiyaphum” translates to “Land of Victory” and with good reason. These strong proud people have spent centuries cultivating the land on small family farms, and have earned a reputation as growers of the highest quality fruits and vegetables. The three words that best describe life in Chaiyaphum are: Family, Faith, and Farm. These three components combined, are the bedrock of village life, expressed in each moment of cooperation, group effort, and yes ... the famous “Land of Smiles” … Thailand is known as. The core of our business is to provide a bridge between what one might describe as a “simple folk” and the “modern world” to increase the income and standard of living for the region.

We are “locals” born and raised on the same land, with a common language, and shared sense of values. Our team was born “hands in the soil” and understands farming from the roots up. We were blessed to receive great educations, travel the world, and come to understand many cultures, markets, and complex business processes. Decades of business and networking made us experts in Thailand & International / Import / Export / Procurement / Logistics / Product Development / Business Consulting. We offer our farmer producers a fair market price that reflects the exceptional quality of their products, while our effective business processes hold down wholesale costs to allow final customers margin to operate at a meaningful profit. This “we all win” process becomes a self-fulfilling circle of ever increasing positivity and profitability, because farmers receive “future orders” that allow better planting harvest methods … while buyers have the confidence to plan on high quality, well managed, and predictable inventories.