Merchant Exporter
(Sourcing, Buying and Shipping) 

Products Sourcing
We source products in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Our team and sourcing agents are able to discover for you the best opportunities. This service is perfect for specific products researches, with very particular characteristics. After checking information, we send a quote to our clients for validation.

Contract Farming and Buying Agent
There are many demands or requirements from buyers around the world via our B2B and Social Network Platform. After we send out the presentation of each farm to global buyers, we will take buyers to visit our local farms (if needed) which are listed on our database and with legal agreement, and let the buyers select farm and items. The producers are able to export, therefore, we will take all actions of sourcing, buying and shipping to a buyer as a trading company. We will select good farms with good quality products and under export standard to be our listed members.

Sales Office

Reporting on business movement in Thailand, Providing advice related to products that are being sold to distributors or customers, Sourcing goods and services in Thailand, Inspecting and controlling the quality and quantity of goods purchased or ordered to be manufactured in Thailand.

Export Management Service Agent - Sourcing, Buying and Shipping
With our help you will make business very easily. We will offer new products. So you will have more advantage on you competitors, an honest, long term and commercial allied in Thailand. We guarantee an honest, long term and commercial affair. We provide export agent service, purchases service for clients who would like to purchase commodity directly from commodity market.

International Trade Shows for Export Opportunities
Export & Import Department, or Export Outsourcing, is right for you if you are receiving export or generating import inquiries and not willing to lose them due to the lack of time or expertise.

Outsourced Sales & Marketing Dept.
We access products directly from the farms and help Thai farmers/growers to bring them on one platform to get more price of their products, exhibit agricultural products that we can export. We also help the global buyers to get fresh and natural products with best competitive prices and good quality under the export standard.

Outsourced Import/Export Dept.
For those companies with limited human resources and international experience, but who well understand the need to expand overseas and to diversify risks, we can act as your export department.